Personal Testimonials

“If the winds of change are blowing through your life, and you want to set your sails towards your dream, Anne is a brilliant coach to have on board” ~ Jackie Daly


Elsbeth, London, December 2015
“I have received an incredibly powerful coaching session from Anne, which has given me deep insights into myself and my life’s purpose. I’ve got more clarity on where I am now and where I want to go; what is holding me back and what helps me move forward. Thanks Anne for a very inspiring session!”

L.M., Uxbridge, July 2014
“I’d like to say thank you very much for the incredible outcome.  Right pleased with myself that I clocked up the courage to ask for help.  Sitting here with my new found clarity I’m over the moon; your compasion and intuitive skills are simply second to none, Anne.  Thank you for creating such a safe space to go deep and coax out the real issue, what a revelation that was. In gratitide from a carefree and playful spirit.”

MH, London May 2014
THANK YOU so much Anne. That was amazing.  Started the session with a shaky fear in the pit of my stomach and ended the session with a warm expansive glow!  Thank you!” (ShiftThePower one off conflict session)

Jackie Daly Scarborough, UK March 2014
“When I worked with Anne as my coach, I was making big changes: in work; in writing, my creative passion; in my home; and in my relationship. These were all positive changes that I had chosen, but boy, was I scared. Over a six month period, Anne supported and challenged me to explore and confront my fears, make choices that brought my dreams to life, and avoid the trap of falling back into safe old ways that would have meant giving up on my dreams. Anne’s coaching style is robust and stretching, yet filled with love and support. She fiercely held me to my vision, and helped me choose and create a life that I love. If the winds of change are blowing through your life, and you want to set your sails towards your dream, Anne is a brilliant coach to have on board.”

Lauren Ackerman Wisconsin, USA December 2013
“Words can’t even express my gratitude for your passion in helping people. You have been blessed with a unique talent to uncover what lies hidden within people. Through your thought-provoking questions I was able to learn more about myself than in any other life coaching session I have had. Your insight into my life was spot on! I can’t even believe how amazed I am that in only 1 1/2 hours you have captured my essence and shared ways to bring it into fruition. I know more about how I tick now – why I do the things I do. It all makes sense now. I am so excited to discover where I go from here. I imagine it will be a magical journey.”

Geraldine Davies Brentwood, UK July 2013
“Anne has the ability to intuitively connect with what is going on in my life on a very deep level, and then able to help me shift the power, shift my focus and supportively lead me to what I love and my end results. With her intuitive insights she has impacted my life and enabled me to achieve things I never thought possible.”

Rachel Leigh Birmingham, UK January 2012
“Anne has been my coach for the past 6 months! Anne creates a magical and loving space where her clients can dive into their hearts and create the life they love! Anne has also been able to show me where my ego and my fears can get in the way of what I want to create in my life! Having coaching with Anne has made a massive impact on the relationships I have with my family and with my boyfriend! Thank you x”


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