Eggs are not just for Easter

Love the simplicity of this blog – inspired to get my jade egg out again 🙂

Creative Grace

I wrote this for the The Oneness Movement, a new wellness platform my friend Joanna Harris just brought into the world.

Have you ever heard about the jade
egg? It is a little object carved from the green stone ‘jade’ in the shape and
rough same size of an ‘egg’. It is in reality something more famous than known
and a tool which belongs to the ancient tradition of the Tao sexual practices.

Taoism is one of the main
philosophical and religious traditions originating in China around the 6th-4th
BC. In simple terms the Tao is described as ‘the path of living in harmony with
nature’ and has influenced many aspects of Chinese culture including astrology,
traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, and several forms of qigoing and
martial arts. I’m writing this as an absolute beginner with only a very
inquisitive mind and a few months of practice so I’ll…

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The Alchemy of Adventure

The alchemy of adventure. Thea’s story reminds me of the importance of having adventures and if you haven’t had one in a awhile then purposefully create one as Thea did. Adventures are the currency of growth, expansion and new realities

Thea Allison

I recently returned from 6 weeks sailing around Britain, a rip-roaring ride of an adventure. Roaring rips like that take time, so it is only now, back in the suddenly splendid comfort of my land-life, that I can write about it.

Rather than drag you through an Odyssean epic first post covering the tales and teachings of a six-week voyage at sea in one go, I begin with the gold that adventures deliver at their ending. Stories of sirens, sea monsters, muppets at sea and angelic, exocet dolphins will follow in time.

There is alchemy in adventure, a natural, magical process of turning lead into gold. You step out of your world, into the unknown and everything renews, refreshes, regrows, and some of those things are so new, that they don’t even need a prefix. In my experience it is primarily in the unknown and fresh realms of experience and…

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