100 Days Of Awe: Day Fifty Four – Haggerston Times

Day 54: Haggerston Times

IMAG4588-001White rabbits keep turning up in my consciousness.  On the first of May I wrote about White Rabbits & Bumble Bees and in April, the last time I went to East London I wrote about The White Rabbit & The First Startup Accelerator Lab.  Today I am on my way to meet Edmund Ingham of The Haggerston Times who attended and wrote about that First Startup Accelerator Lab.  We didn’t meet at the event but having seen my post Edmund sent a note suggesting we meet up, have a chat, shoot the breeze, explore connections.  Today was the today and we were going to meet at the beyond trendy Hoxton Urban Lodge Hotel on Great Eastern Street.

In the morning a friend texted to let me know that she was unexpectedly travelling up to London from Wales with her baby daughter and would I be around for a girlie meetup before they got their train home from Paddington Station.  I wasn’t going to turn down that opportunity but it meant juggling my meeting with Edmund and because I didnt have his telephone number potentially letting it go.  The best I could do was email proposing a later time.

On my way to Paddington I spotted this baby bunny shoe.  Lonely and a little dusty, perched on a pillar waiting to be reclaimed.  Not the most photogenic of subjects I was nonetheless prompted to take a snapshot.  It is only now writing up about my day that I weave the white rabbit thread from my friend and her baby to the meeting with Edmund.  Neo is urged to follow the white rabbit in The Matrix and Alice, of course, is so mesmerised by the white rabbit in Alice in Wonderland that she gets lost (or should that be found?) down the rabbit hole.  On Thursday I got it all.  My magical meeting with Lydia and Emily over coffee at Paddington and, despite my delayed arrival, I got to be interviewed by Edmund and plugged back into the grid of Silicon Roundabout.

Edmund, who lives in the Hoxton area, but working in banking operations until the end of 2013 when he . found he was being pulled to the edgy energy of his alternative neighbourhood for more than night atime and weekend sustenance.  Throwing his hat into this seething, amorphous ring he put to use his talent for writing, his love of observation and his curiosity about connections.  A brave step, charting new territory, staking a prospector’s claim and keeping an eye out for opportunities.  Haggerston Times is one of those opportunities.

There is something about what is happening here in Hoxton/Haggerston/Shoreditch that tickles my ivories; old London, creativity, technology, entrepreneurship.  I too feel drawn to play in the bubble of new creation. We snatched hour or so in between Edmund’s stints for the upcoming Digital Sizzle event and my next appointment to catch up with an old friend. Digital Sizzle is a quarterly event instigated by 3 Beards a PR company with a mission ‘to grow the startup community, one follicle at a time’ – their theme for 17th May event – Alice in Wonderland.  Their invitation – to come down the rabbit hole.  An exhilarating day with white rabbit magic in the air.  Who knows what will happen next?

100 Days of Awe is a playful project I set up to bring my attention to awe in my daily life. I see awe as wonder, a mixture of amazement and respect.  I expect the experience of awe to be about perception shifting awareness and that demands a reframing of some sort.  I am excited to see what will awe me on this journey.

Anne K. Scott is an imagination technologist, her work to teach, facilitate and deliver innovation for individuals and business.  She is the creator of FindYourMojo iPHone app. If you are interested in what intuitive coaching can do for you please do contact me.  I support clients all over the world.

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