Eat Pray Love Author’s advice for women

Being creative, acting creative, believing I am creative is right where I am at the moment so it was a delight when this blog was gracefully frisbe-ed into my consciousness by a friend. How clever messages can be getting weadling their way to us.


Screen Shot 2014-03-08 at 10.33.28 AM Elizabeth Gilbert interviewed after her talk, and very eloquently introduced, by her best friend Rayya Elias (right is her new book)

Talk about inspiring women …. Hurrah for Elizabeth Gilbert, awesome, articulate, funny, oozing humility, graceful mega-star that she is!

Last night, as part of the Sydney Writers’ Festival, Elizabeth gave a 90-minute talk about the journey she took to create her latest book, a novel about a 19th century female botanist called The Signature of All Things, and how we can access our creativity. A very powerful evening. She’s funny, engaging and she had the fully-booked auditorium hanging on her every word.  Oh to channel Elizabeth Gilbert when I sit down to write my current book, and to speak off the cuff like her with such humour!

It was a perfect girls night out so I enjoyed it with some of my Sydney girlfriends … and it was wonderful…

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