Are You Willing To Play the Game?

I am proud to present Lauren Ackermans first blog. Lauren found my FindYourMojo iphone app, discovered that her mojo is Laughing Life and by posting this on my Facebook page won a free coaching session to dive more deeply into what this could mean for her and how she could make it real in her life. So across the miles we unwrapped this beautiful package to discover the simplicity and joy of play and her gift to live this in her life showing others how to live it too. As we talked it became obvious to Lauren to give herself the gift of creative writing and from that action she has created her blog HopScotch Through Life and has signed up for a blog challenge to keep her on track. Knowing your mojo is one thing, bringing it to life is quite another. It takes will and action. Congratulations Lauren on a great start!

Hopscotch Through Life

hopscotch numbers

Happy New Year and welcome to my blog, Hopscotch Through Life. Why did I choose this name for my blog?  Well, let me explain.

I spent a good amount of time this past year soul searching and looking for my passion – the “thing” that lights up my soul and gets me out of bed each morning. I’ve been looking for it for years. I am a big believer in fate and it is fate that had me searching on the Internet looking for resources to help me discover my passion…that led me to a site on intuitive coaching which ultimately led me to find the app called  “Find Your Mojo” which was developed by Anne K. Scott of the UK. With this app, I learned that my unique essence revolved around “laughing life”. But what did that mean?  I wasn’t a comedian or anything so why would I…

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