Camino Diary: Walking The Camino Francais Day Forty Six

DAY FORTY SIX: 23 November 2012 Finisterra to Lires on the Camino Muxia.


Despite my aversion to Finisterra the day before I find leaving difficult. The days at the dying of the year can be full of light and benign brightness or scratchy with rain and the furrowed brow of storm. This Friday is one of the latter; the day has no chance to open it’s eye to the light as the darkness of Thor’s angry countenance lurks over the Costa Da Morte. There is a storm warning about. After coaching calls and goodbye to a rather hung over Kevin who had crashed on the living room floor after celebrated his final day of walking with beer into the night, I unfold my achy limbs and fumble my way up and over the scraggy edges of town. The south pointing finger of Cabo Fisterra behind me I turn north and falter along, the fractured exposed coastline initially hidden to my left. As I plateau I meet the boisterous salty cuffs of a wind that has careered unobstructed across the Atlantic the air is electric with squall. It snatches at loose debris and gnaws the patchy forest for more bones for throwing. I catch glimpses of glorious beach and sea, stooks of hay splay anchored under the strange light of the scudding sky. I am walking to Lires where I have booked into a Casa Rural for the night. It crosses my mind that perhaps this is none too safe but I am strangely at one with this energy feeling the creative flow of it as words begin to arise and swirl forming into a shape that comes with the haunting twang of acoustic guitar. There is a symbosis between us; the gale and I and we create a broken hearted love song. It crys copious, fat, lachrymous drops wetting me through, running rivulets down my face. The church bells are ringing a death as I arrive in Lires my stop for the night. I am grateful for the comfort of my pretty stone privacy at Casa Luz.

I am hunkered down
Licking yesterday’s wounds
My howling heart
Racked and ruined
An angry sea boils up in me
Regrets of life’s missing memories

Raw, broken, scarred
I whimper still
Feeling the ache
Of goodbye’s bitter pill
I am wrung out, consumed
A ragged shadow of love’s promise

My soul has opened wide
To connections I never knew
Across time and space
The principles are few
My spirit chose to dance with yours
In love, truth and unity

The debris of the storm
Is silent, lifeless dross
There is calm within my heart
I am through the wound of love and loss
Soul-cleansed and scrubbed alive
Core vibrations electrified

You came to me from nowhere near
You looked me in the eye
We shared a drink or two or three
I thought that I might cry
But instead I drank the joy
And saw you helped me fly

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