Eavesdropping On The Universe

I listened to Deepak Chopras video on this article attachment this morning and I was captivated by his idea that when you listen to your body you eavesdrop on the Universe. The simplicity of this has unlocked a whole new learning for me.

I know that when I connect imaginatively with my heart I can dive beneath the clamour of my thoughts and feelings and will always find intuitive gold that guides me from where I am to where I truly want to go but somehow I have never seen my body as part and parcel of that communication system. I am not a meditator by nature, I live immersed in all the acton in my head. Deepak’s words compel to check out how the receiving technology that is my body is working. So I stop and I become aware of my body. The image of a silo comes to mind and I am struck by how that coincides with my own body image, plodding, leaden, solid, a bit overweight and clumsy. Not how I want to imagine myself as a light weight, cutting edge, sleek shining satellite dish receiving the wealth of Universal wisdom. I am compelled to dissolve the protective shield of my silo and see my vibrational frequency reaching out to connect with the vibrational frequency of the Universe. The lightness of that is visceral.

What new learnings can you find today?



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