Camino Diary: Walking The Camino Francais Day Twelve

DAY TWELVE: 20 October 2012 from Ventosa to Santo Domingo De La CalzadaIMAG0892
October, Northern Spain and it wasnt until the twelvth day that I really experienced the relentlessness of rain and at 32km one of my longest days of walking. I counted my steps, peered into puddles and got lost in the depth and the breath of each moment. In that space a poem came. Santo Domingo was the Saint of the Highways.

The Long Long Road to Santo Domingo De La Calzada

A low slung belly of sky
Bleeds moist dropping tears

Vines in their frilly skirted leaves
Coyly hide their purple glistening jewels
Hoarding treasure
Until the sodden ripeness is too much
And they drop
Cast down on deep aged Riojan stained earth

Clodded earth
Slowly melted into running rivulets
Oozing cloying clay
Crumpled dietrus of soil
Silent vineyards
Stony silent roads
The only sounds
Dripping rain
And faltering pilgrim footfalls

A ghostscape of a land that lives on supermarket shelves
Flitting shadows of industry so easy to miss
On stony tramping heart breaks
Dark clustering of berried death caps
Abandoned wheat
Buzz cut fields
My only audience
As I count my soggy footfalls to Santo Domingo de la Calzada

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