Camino Diary: Walking The Camino Francais Day Sixteen

DAY SIXTEEN: 24 October 2012 Staying in Burgo
Strangely enough the 3 days I was in Burgos I didnt take any photos. Thrust back in the bustle of civilisation, a convergence of pilgrims and time out to connect to my coaching clients I was ready for a break and a lie-in. On my way into Burgos, walking along the river, I stopped to rest my weary – no change that to painful – feet. I was jolted out of my reverie by a rush of Spanish from an excited well dressed middle aged lady. Was I a pilgrim? Where was I from? Where was I staying? I HAD to stay at the Municipal Albergue. It is the best in Spain, it is new, it is wonderful, I am a volunteer there! I had already heard that the La Casa Del Cuba ‘Lerma’ the Municipal Albergue was the place to stay, tucked in behind a 16th Century facade just behind the Cathedral a gleaming creation of concrete, glass & steel. Vast open dining area, efficient bank of washing machines & dryers, dormotories of privatised bunks, hot water. What more could a pilgrim want other than the gentle gathering of like minded souls to be fed & watered. On the road now for 16 days I was still fascinated at the effortlessness of the coalescing of knots of pilgrims to eat & drink. It seemed more magical in a big city like Burgos where there is a plethora of choices but there appears the golden thread of consensus that stitches together people, places & time with the minimum of fuss. There is an elation about arriving in Burgos, those of us in for the long haul are getting into the groove and there are many who choose to leave at this point. We pile make it back before curfew but there are bottles of wine to be drink & cigarettes to be smoked. There is a terrace off the first floor, the moon is up and a gaggle of hardy pilgrims continue the partying. Our exuberance richocettes off the chrome & glass walls, rushing up past sleeping dormotories. No one seems to be worried tonight about an early start tomorrow. Tonight the conversation is flowing, a birthday to celebrate and goodbyes to be said.

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