Camino Diary: Walking The Camino Francais Day Seventeen

DAY SEVENTEEN: 25 October 2012 Staying Burgos

HotelLaPuebla  hotel-la-puebla-09 hotel-la-puebla-01hotel-la-puebla-12
One of the disadvantages of hostelling is that you are shoo-ed on your way promptly every morning, by 8am in most establishments. Fortunately as the season comes to a close there is less pressure on beds and it is at the discretion of the Hospitaleiros whether you may stay an extra night or not. Unfortunately in the bigger albergues there is less leeway about lying in so whatever about the luxury of the Municipal Hostel as an arriving pilgrim being hooshed out of the next morning in the bleary-eyed dawn wasnt to my taste as a lady of leisure staying in the one spot. Yes it was time to splash out on a hotel; crisp white sheets, hot shower, private wi-fi, parading naked. Bliss.

Ah but wait that means I have to go find somewhere and I was asking alot for the budget in my mind’s eye of around 30 euros. Now the hard work of choosing from a blind farrago of options balancing cost against luxury. Suddenly the hard work of walking didnt look so hard! It turned out that there were a number of other pilgrims; those of us who had been around a bit all thinking of doing the same thing. In the unfolding of breakfast it became apparent that most of those hanging around were nursing shin splints, blisters or tendonitis. No one really wanted to step into the lonliness of a hotel room and the whispers of egoic failure. One of the other pilgrims mentioned that he had found a hotel for 25 euros a night. A bargain I thought and a bit of company. Somehow I misconstrued the name & address of the hotel and found myself in the foyer of a beautiful boutique hotel La Puebla. I already knew my pilgrim friend to be a cautious spender so what I was seeing was a real bargain for the price. If the foray was nice the rooms were delectable, I was lost in the fluffyness of the towels before asking the price.  45 euros – woah – but it was too late I was an angel fallen into heaven. Reconnecting with my friend I complimented him on his taste but couldnt understand how he was in a room for almost half the price. Then we realised he was in another hotel – shared bathroom, no fluffy towels or lilies in the foyer there was no going back. Lured by the decadence he too succumbed but as true pilgrims we decided to share a twin room, maintaining our luxuries while reducing our costs. In deference to his wife and my shyness I did forgo the naked parading!

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