Camino Diary: Walking The Camino Francais Day Eighteen

DAY EIGHTEEN: 26 October 2012 Staying in BurgosBurgos Cathedral

Photo Credit: marp_dmoz on flickr

Three nights in Burgos, two nights of luxury in Hotel La Puebla, two mornings lying in and leisurely breakfasts interspersed with lunches, suppers & outings to Decathalon to upgrade my walking gear – dumping the cotton nightmare-to-dry tee shirts for a selection of light weight thermals and moisture wicking garments made from repurposed plastic or upcycled oil products in a selection of colours; deep mysterious black or hey-look-at-me neon orange (check out the photo album)! I remember it raining in Burgos and my reaction to getting wet. Out in the wilds of the camino, sleeping in sturdy pilgrim shelters I can face the rain eyeball to eyeball, back in the city in a boutique hotel the girl is come over all lily-livered in the face of a few big fat rain drops. I was having less success with finding Gypsies (aka in The Way) or visiting the monumentos historicos which you cant help but fall over in Burgos. The day trip back to Atapuerca and its bunker like visitor Center apparently was deliberately designed to look like big concrete box pierced by large skylights was looking less and less likely. Some effort had to be made and the obvious candidate was Burgos Cathedral. And what a choice. I was blown away by this amazing rollicking work of Gothic art in this quaint unoffensive town. It is known as the petrified forest and has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1984, the only Spanish Cathedral with this distinction. It was started in 1221 and I can only imagine it as a heaving throng of stone masons, artists, engravers, metal workers, sculpturers and every kind of creative spirit for 4 or 5 Centuries. Every nook & cranny, cloister and chapel had another intricate design or architectural nuance. Stunning to observe but left me wondering about what compelled such grandiose creativity, stupendous collaboration and hubs of community? Was this the spiritual equivalent to our latter day technological wizardry, world wide web connectivity and the virtual communities of social media

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