Camino Diary: Walking The Camino Francais Day Three

DAY THREE: 11 October 2012 from Roncevalles to Zubiri and taxi on to Larrasoana

IMAG0694The walking is beginning to take its toll. Within an hour of leaving Roncevalles myself & my walking companion Heather encounter Colin, a glowing example of vibrant youth; tall, blonde, chilled, great teeth and hobbling gait, then Pepo rested up w an aching hip. Fortunately Heather, a massage therapist, has an unending supply of what is needed; pain relief, bandages, wisdom. Tendonitis & blisters are two of the pilgrim pariahs sent to test patience and perserverance but even these are insignificant in the scheme of things. Memorials to pilgrims who have passed away en route are commonplace. Many it would seem in the most unlikely or benign of places. It is hard to imagine the Camino De Santiago in the genial smudging of autumn, as a physical challenge in and of itself but each memorial stands as a whisper of someone who not so long ago was as alive & laughing as I. Perhaps hunkered down in a Winter storm or strung out under an unrelenting Summer sun or just because the spirit heard the call to fly home they stepped through an invisible hole in the fabric of time

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