Camino Diary: Walking The Camino Francais Day Seven

DAY SEVEN: 15 October 2012 from Puenta La Reina to EstellaIMAG0747A benign day is a welcome friend to the pilgrim while extremes of weather an unforgiving enemy. Shuffled on our way from albergue to albergue, from warm beds into murky dark autumnal dawns we are are at the mercy of the unfolding day. One swift downpour and you learn quickly how waterproofed you are. The truth re: our physical bodies is cagoul-wrapped or not we will get wet; if not directly from the rain then the sweaty condensation of the plastic micro-climate of our rain gear. I combined a shower proof RAB jacket with a breathable waterproofed jacket. This meant I didnt have to don the later unless it look like a heavy down pour or prolonged wet weather. My cheapo water proof trousers worked a treat after my first rainy encounter; wearing shorts I thought I didnt need to put my trousers on but I hadnt accounted for water running down my legs and being sucked up by my intelligent (perhaps not so in this case!) wool socks which resulted in a squelchy end to my day and a pair of sodding boots that took days to dry out. Wearing the trousers by passed this problem! But far more important than bodily waterproofing is knowing that your pack, clothes, sleeping gear are dry. Possibly THE most valuable purchases for my trip were my dry bags; one for the inside of my pack & the other for my sleeping gear. Despite prolonged rain I never had a leakage. Being prepared dispelled the dread of lurking rain clouds; I found there was something to be relished walking into and through the tumultuousness of the heavens. An exhilaration going head to head with Zeus, Chaac, Waruna, Tefnut, Addad, Mawu, Thor and their legions.

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