Camino Diary: Walking The Camino Francais Day Five

DAY FIVE: 13 October 2012 from Pamplona to Cizur MenorImageA noisy night in the Jesus y Maria Albergue in the centre of town; not so much the drinking & carousing in the streets outside but the coughing, spluttering & snoring of fellow pilgrim Christiano richocetting off the hallowed arches of what was originally a 17th Century Jesuit Church. Feeling the need to alleviate his guilt Christiano was compelled to serenade myself & Heather with a little poem he wrote & treat us to breakfast before we parted ways each on our own version of the Camino. I had chosen a day of exploration in Pamplona; seeking out sidestreets, gawping at churches, meditating in cloisters, langurously loitering, slow sozzling Hemingway style in Cafe Iruna. By 4pm I was ready for a gentle stroll out to the University and on to the dormitory suburb of Cizur Menor; slowly extracting from the hubbub of raucous urbanity, stepping into the silence of the setting sun. My memories eclectic camera-snatched glimpses such as this one; a patchwork of overlaying themes, reflections, history, recognisable & mysterious at the same time. Pamplona I will be back!

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