Camino Diary: Walking The Camino Francais Day Eight

DAY EIGHT: 16 October 2012 from Estella to Los ArcosImageThe previous day my silent contemplation on the weather foundered at the Fuente Del Vino in Estella when I met the Italian mob. The fountain on the way out of town at the Monasterio de Irache is typically a sedate start to the walking day; a token refreshment if you will at 8am in the morning. Eager to walk the original pilgrim route before Estella was founded in 1090 I found myself coming into the arse end of town rather conveniently around 7pm; just the right time for some wine to round off the day. My Italian friends were far more purposeful in their mission. Without much ado and a couple of plastic beakers we lashed into the hospitable Bodegas Irache nectar providing a pimple of entertainment for the gimlet-eyed webcam and gaily slide down the slippery slope of pilgrim bonding. It would have been rude to avoid the fountain on the way our of town this morning; a more crowded affair of polite sippers my companions managed to look bright eyed and bushy tailed in this photo opp. Who knows about the photographer?! What followed was a gentle day of camaraderie, scattered showers, Camino characters & coffee stops topped off in Los Arcos, our night time destination, with a farrago of a feast served with Italian panache and drawing an ever expanding contingent of stylish soul seekers with Erika Novarria, Stefano Amadei, Emanuel Mauro, Riccardo Palombi, Colin Kraai Smith, Seth Lawrence

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